The story of Lily Blue

Once upon a time

Lily Blue, named after a Princess and her cat, was born in London in 1982. Brought up in a bohemian household by her mother, Mariora Goschen, a potter and acupuncturist, and her Grandmother, Angela, a sculptress, painter and seamstress; art was in her blood from the very beginning. Lily describes the moment where she woke from a lucid dream with the undeniable urge to design clothes. “From that day on, I would take apart my thrift shop clothes to understand how they were made. That is how I taught myself.”

After studying dance and theatre in London, Lily Blue began a period of extensive travel which influenced her unique take on life and can be found in every stitch of her designs: She worked in a South African dance troupe, where she explored the shape of bodies in motion and a diving centre in Egypt, whose underwater coral landscapes undoubtedly inspired her use of colours and textures. Her work in improvisational theatre, both in London and LA, also influenced her dramatic and sometimes edgy silhouettes.

Upon return from her travels, Lily Blue took an internship at Vivienne Westwood, where she had the great fortune to work in close proximity to the ‘Queen of Couture’ herself. Lily Blue studied the way Vivienne had mastered her craft and was inspired by the genius she observed.

Soon after this, she moved to California. Surrounded by the sensual landscapes of the Golden State, her desire to launch her own label began to take shape and soon after opening her first studio, interest in her clothes began to spread and the Lily Blue label was born.

Lily Blue’s Philosophy

Lily Blue encourages women to see their inner beauty and embrace their bodies, souls and potential. “The fashion industry tends to have an unhealthy approach to the body. I want all my models to be strong and not adhere to this awful sense of perceived beauty which is so prevalent and idolised in the media. My clothing is about accentuating the feminine spirit as well as her form –  not catering to an ‘ideal beauty’ which does not exist. While travelling, I have seen so many beautiful people of all different shapes, colours and forms and I reflect this beauty, likewise, in my designs”.


Thanks to some exciting shows featuring her work, Lily Blue’s reputation as an original talent has been growing in LA fashion circles. Many of her pieces have caught the eye of performers who are looking for clothes which are not only exquisitely tailored, but mirror their individual style and passion for life. Recently, she has been concentrating on requests for bespoke, hand-stitched fashion pieces for private clients, inspired by classic shapes which Lily Blue sculpts, weaves and stitches into unique works of art.